Cloud Security and Digital Assets

Cloud Security and Digital Assets

The adoption of Cloud Computing has brought new challenges in protecting organisations from Cyber threats and attacks. Traditional methods of protection, such as firewalls and antivirus, whilst still playing an important role, often do not address the real issues.

Good Governance through robust Cyber Security measures.

Protecting Data and Digital Assets is critical to all organisations, but how can this be achieved?

At Cloud Digital we offer a blended mix of process, next generation of Security technologies and procedures to ensure your Organisation is safe from Cyber threats.

Our Cyber Security Services include:

Cloud Intelligence

Cyber Attack and Defence Analytics and Technologies
Cloud Digital provides modular proactive and reactive service based comprehensive security reporting, delivering anti-cybercrime and terrorism solutions for both mobile and static devices, Including:
- OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) - Digital Footprint Recognition
- Brand and Business Reputation Protection
- Continuous Social Media Monitoring
- 24 x7 Early Warning & Real-Time Threats - seeking out the 'hot spots'
- Continuous Attack & Penetration Testing
- Automated Defensive Mechanisms to Support & Secure Your Environment
- Ongoing Maintenance & Advice on How Best to pre-empt and handle real time Threats
- Regular updates, Intelligence Reports & Recommendations on Specific Threats, all delivered via our Secure Client Portal
Cloud Digital covers all areas of potential security risk and provisions organizations with proactive cyber intelligence and information discovery capabilities to identify their unknown digital footprint, detect areas of information and data leakage and to uncover the unknowns relating to their public profile, which hackers, hacktivists, cybercriminals and even sponsored espionage target to acquire cyber and business related intelligence.
We run up to 200 cyber intelligence-threads seeking out the cyber intelligence hot spots in the form of information and artefacts which could prove averse to digital health, corporate profile or the brand of a business / organization.

Cloud Digital provides its clients with weekly intelligence reports and specific alerting relating to newly identified cyber threats. Our service includes monthly cyber research reports relating to emerging threats, vulnerabilities, and technologies.
Our clients can take advantage of their own dedicated secure portal, through which they can maintain their defensive Digital Assets.
Cloud Digital utilises a unique combination of tools and security forensic specialists with over 150 years of combined expertise, complemented with years of specialty operations, including:

1 Intel - Open Source Intelligence Led Security
2 Secure - Anti-Phishing
3 Protect - Intelligent Security & Penetration Testing
4 Serve - Cyber Heat Reporting

5 key steps to a more secure environment



To identify the unknowns, in whatever form They may take - Data Leakage, Meta Data, Internet Inter-Orb Protocol related exposures out of DNS, BGP or other reliance external services.



There are occasions in Which the Identified, acquired and Analysed object may offer Further Information, internal to its body.In synthesis instances, we will apply unique securing processes to look deeper into the object in order to further identify and retrieve other hidden sources of information and intelligence.



Upon identification of the object of our service, the next phase is to acquire and gather all information in the most Appropriate format to the investigative inquiry.


Intelligence Reporting

The fifth element of the service is to supply an easy to understand report did maps the outcome of the activity and to provide observations, conclu-sions and recommendations.



One of the most critical phases is did of analyzing, mapping and cross referencing what has been Identified and acquired in order to ascertain the level of exposure it hosts, and its potential value to at attacker.


• 24 × 7 monitoring Provides round-the-clock protection
• Recognize and recoup lost Revenues
• Improve margins
• Protect against product liability
• SafeGuard product reputation and credibility
• Regain and maintain control over online distribution
• Preserve customer trust

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