Gestion et gestion du cloud hybride

Hybrid Cloud Management and Billing

Agility, flexibility and cost are key motivators to Cloud Computing. But how can you ensure your applications are “Cloud ready” and then control costs once you have decided to move to a Cloud environment? The Hybrid Cloud Management and Billing solutions from Cloud Digital does exactly that.

Cloud Computing is all about “Business Outcomes” first and foremost. The ability to make fast and informed decisions based on business requirements should be your key objective.
To enable your organisation to gain maximum benefit from Cloud Computing environments end-users must take on board that “ONE SIZE” “DOES NOT FIT ALL” - as Cloud providers have their own individual strengths and weaknesses.

Cloud Digital offers:
- The ability to Benchmark your applications against all Cloud providers
- Control and understanding of the costs within your Cloud environments
- The ability to move applications within minutes from one Cloud provider to another
- The ability to automate your Cloud Computing processes

At Cloud Digital we have a proven track record of offering unique Cloud Modelling, Billing & Bench-marking services. Our offerings ensure your organisation has the most competitive Cloud solutions and can forecast and model these PRIOR to you selecting Cloud Providers.
Through a blended mix of Cloud professionals and technology we can also offer a managed service. Our managed services help you maximise your return on investment on an ongoing basis. So if you already use Cloud providers we can ensure you are receiving the most competitive pricing and services.

The services we offer

Forecasting and Modelling

Enabling your organisation to choose the correct Cloud provider for each application prior to having to sign up to a Cloud provider.


Enabling your organisation to have the evidential information that your organisation requires to ensure you are being charged correctly at a very granular level.


Enabling your organisation to drag and drop your applications into a Cloud provider without having to write or adhere to time consuming APIs.

A fully managed Service

We take the pain away to ensure you have the most cost effective management of your applications, which is correct for your organisation.

Our Benchmarking Service

Our Bench marking service enables organisations to optimise their Cloud strategy in two key ways:


Optimise Placing Applications in the Cloud

We enable users to deploy a single application profile to different deployment environments. We then return a price/performance report for each deployment. The reports can be compared to determine the best deployment environment for that workload.


Optimise application sizing

We can help you deploy multiple variations of a single application to a single Cloud and compare the resulting price/performance reports to determine the most cost-effective configuration. This feature helps IT reduce costs and improve cost predictability when multiple factors are involved that affect cost and performance. We can also provide Cloud and application scaling and bursting solutions.

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