License Risk & Cost Reduction

We help organisations to reduce their License Risk & Costs.

We have saved our customers millions and counting, in the last 3 years.

Cloud Digital are experts in reducing Licensing Risk & Costs. We’ve become license expert leaders through a combination of our own technology, world class license consultants and processes developed over 100s of projects.
We are independent, trusted, license advisors. Selling you more products or services is never part of our solution.
Our clients measure the success of our work by the size of the software licensing risks eliminated and the money they do not have to pay vendors or their resellers.

Our License Risk & Cost Reduction process follows the following steps:
• Contracts Review
• Software Deployment and Usage Analysis
• Confirm current License position
• Recommend Optimisation, Remediation and Cost Reduction strategies
• Creation of Forecast Change Models to determine best strategies
• Management of change to ensure actual change delivers on strategy
• Create an Audit plan, leaving you License Audit Ready



Find and eliminate Risk

We know that for most organisations the worry is a surprise software License audit. Our License Risk & Cost Reduction process ensures that you know the current risks and have plans to remediate them with minimal cost impact to your organisation in the timeframe you choose. If costs are required they can be added to future budgets and bought on your time-frame and not the vendor’s. Our analysis technology means we can quickly find risks and advise your team on how to eliminate them.


Audit Ready

As part of our process we agree a License audit plan with you that ensures that the effective license position we have created is fully documented and is backed up by appropriate evidence that can be used in an Audit. Provided that this data is up to date the output from this process can be sent to the vendor in the event of an Audit. Our experience is that once presented with this evidence vendors tend not to proceed further. If they do, we will work with you to defend this evidence on your behalf.


Focus on Cost Reduction

Once we have the compliance risk managed we can then focus on the reduction of ongoing License costs. We will review all vendor spend your organisation is currently committed to and suggest creative ideas to reduce these over time. Typical cost reduction is in the order to 25% of annual vendor spend.


Impartial License Advice

We are not a vendor partner or reseller so you know our advice will be impartial. We are only motivated by saving you money. If we think there’s a way to reduce you spend on vendor licensing we will suggest it.


Predicting Future Costs

All large organisations’ IT infrastructure is changing. Through our Optimisation and Modelling services we help you to know the license impact before you make any changes. Our experience has shown that infrastructure change projects often ignore the impact of changes on software compliance. These oversights can often mean the cost benefits are lost when the software license costs are taken into account. Our Change Forecast modelling allows you to see the future license position before the changes are made and factors these costs into the benefit analysis.