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Cloud Digital Achieves further success with G-Cloud 10

Following success on G-Cloud 9 with Cisco CloudCenter, Cloud Digital is successful in adding further products to its G-Cloud 10 offering

Cloud Digital, one of Europe’s leaders in Digital Transformation and Next Generation Security, is pleased to announce that Cronus’ Cybot, ShieldX Apeiro, Cisco CloudCenteras well as Cloud Digital’s Cloud Cost Forecasting and Analytics are all now available on G-Cloud10.

About G-Cloud 10
G-Cloud framework is an agreement between the government and suppliers who provide cloud-based services. ... cloud security, cloud hosting, for example content delivery networks or load balancing services.
G-Cloud 10 Facts
• £1,696,137,364 - current total (ex VAT) of reported G-Cloud sales, November 2016
• 56% of total sales by value and 64% by volume, from all reported G-Cloud sales to date, have been awarded to SMEs
• 77% of total sales by value were through Central Government; 23% through the wider public sector

About Cronus
Cronus is an award-winning company that helps organizations around the world test their resilience against cyber attackers. Cronus's CyBot can be deployed globally and shows a live map of Attack Path Scenarios[TM], which illuminate the paths hackers will take to reach critical assets. Organizations can then remediate and block these attack paths with one click. CyBot is integrated with various SIEMs and is also being used by MSSPs.

Key Benefits :-
• Cost Effective – Return On Investment typically within 6 months of deployment
• Comprehensive – Penetration 24 by 7, 365 days a year which highlights where the real threats are
• Best Practice – Crest Approved “The Gold Standard” in Penetration testing.

About ShieldX Apeiro
ShieldX automates security insertion, orchestration and inspection elastically to multi-terabit scale across both physical and virtualized environments. Manage and implement uniform security policy on demand, at scale with enhanced micro-segmentation, TLS decryption, full-flow threat prevention, malware detection and data loss prevention. Deploy within 15 minutes within your preferred finance model.

Key Benefits :-
• Micro segmentation: Application-aware access control
• Threat detection and prevention: 10,000+ threat definitions
• Malware detection: Delivered through integration with FireEye
• TLS decryption/termination: Network-based, inbound and outbound decryption/termination
• URL classification/filtering: Validates safety of external connections
• Flow handling (TCP/UDP/ICMP) for Layer 4
• Deep packet inspection (DPI) of Layer 7 traffic
• Network Object Extractor (NOX)
• Transport Layer Security – decrypts/encrypts transport layer connections
• Terabit-plus traffic inspection

About Cisco CloudCenter
Cisco CloudCenter Software delivers complete end to end Hybrid Cloud Management, Orchestration and cost monitoring solutions for internal and external cloud and vm support. It removes Shadow IT and enables end-users to grasp power and agility within internal cloud and public cloud offerings.

Key Benefits :-
• Forecast and Model; choose the correct Cloud for each application.
• Provision; Drag and Drop applications, don't worry about APIs.
• Billing; Ensure billing is correct at a granular level.
• Managed Service; Cost effective application management.
• Control and remove Shadow IT costs and usage.
• Low Service modelling maintenance to ensure agility.
• Integrate into front-end workstreams process to reduce complexity.
About Cloud Cost Forecasting and Analytics

Professional Services to Assess current software license usage and forecast future usage based on Cloud strategy. Our Services are designed to give insight into current and future costs to ensure compliance and optimal cost efficiency. We compare cost with different providers and highlight the most cost-effective options.

Key benefits :-
• Forecast and Model; choose the correct licence for each application.
• Forecast and Model; choose the correct licence for each cloud.
• Provision infrastructure correctly and efficiently.
• Billing; Ensure billing is correct at a granular level.
• Managed Service; Cost effective application management.
• Control and remove Shadow IT costs and usage.
• Integrate to reduce complexity.

About Cloud Digital
Cloud Digital’s vision and mission was designed around helping organisations flourish in this environment of rapid technological change. Early on we saw the gaps in security, governance and control being created by organisations while they flocked to the cloud. This is when we saw our business opportunity and brought together some of the industries’best-known capabilities coupled with our business management experience to build an offer that allows organisations to take advantage of these digital opportunities while retaining the full control, governance and security that is required to operate in today’s ever evolving world.